Competition Winners

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Welcome one and all; here lie the valiant victors and wise winners from competitions organized by DSU’s Defensive Security Club.

(DSU Winners, or CUTSHAWs (Cool Underrated Top-notch Serious Hackers and Winners), are the best competing team from DSU for a given event, if the DSU team didn’t win).

DCDC (Ratatouille) (2021-11-06)

Cyber Conquest (Akira) (2021-10-16)

Epic DefSec Kahoot (2021-05-27)

Mock Comp Delta (2021-03-19)

Mock Comp Gamma (2021-02-27)

Mock Comp Beta (2021-02-12)

Mock Comp Alpha (2021-01-29)

Robin Hood DCDC (2020-11-07)

Spooky Heatwave (2020-10-31)

CyberStorm: Crash Bandicoot (2020-10-13)